Choose Sri Lanka to Spend Your Holiday

Simply Because Sri Lanka Is The Paradise

If you are a dare devil traveller who likes to pack your bag and jump in to a land of adventures, Sri Lanka is the best destination and if you are a traveller who collects experiences, it’s a must that you should visit Sri Lanka. Whether you visit Sri Lanka alone or with family and friends, it is a promised land of wonders, abundance and hospitality. Often considered as the paradise, for the reason of having all kinds of experiences in one tiny island, Sri Lanka is one of the most favourite travel destinations in Asia. Those who want to explore the world and those want to unwind their hectic lives from the banal routines; Sri Lanka is proven to be the best destination.

Enriched with oriental culture that prevailed more than 2500 years, this tiny island gives an array of novel experiences to its travellers. Sri Lanka is exotic, elegant, eclectic and extravagant.  The Sri Lankan travel experience is proven to be lucrative and gratifying. In Sri Lanka, tourism is one of the major industries simply because it is enriched with natural resources. You can step into the wild and explore the exotic flora and fauna, explore the grandeur of the Sri Lankan history, feel sand under the feet having the ultimate beach experience, dip in the herbs to heal the anatomy and join a world of adventure. Simply, Sri Lanka is the land of abundance, where you can see it all and do it all. 

Step into the wild

Sri Lanka has an array of wild life scope where the tourists can observe a myriad of birds, wild animals, reptiles, rare species of wild flora, 

Sand under the feet

Sand under the feet is our beach tour which is designed to let the beach lovers explore the exotic beaches,

Explore the grandeur 

Sri Lanka is a country with a history where a large number of kings built their empires and cultures around the cities.

Sri Lanka

This tour package includes a myriad of places which covers all the must visit places in Sri Lanka.    

Why Choose Us

We Give You The Best Experiences In The Paradise


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We have designed an array of tour packages categorizing the best and the most saught out destinations in the island. These tour packages envelop a large scope of tourist attractions which consist of cultural and ecological value. Lanka Leisure Travel and Tours offers the best packages for you to enjoy the visit to Sri Lanka a memorable one.


In order to provide the tourists a premium travelling experience, we have arranged a range of comfortable accommodation along the tour. All these places include comfortable bedding, bathrooms with standard equipment and toiletries, cable TV and Wi-Fi to enjoy the stay and connect with the world.


Sri Lanka is renowned in the world for spices and the luscious dishes that are unique in taste. All along the tour we give our tourists the opportunity of enjoying a variety of authentically Sri Lankan dishes and foreign dishes according to the taste. Your tour to Sri Lanka, without doubt will be a culinary tour as well.


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